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The process used for converting the waste plastic to oil is pyrolysis, it’s a thermo-chemical process of decomposition of plastics in an inert atmosphere. The plastic – (CH2= CH2)n – get decomposed into simpler hydrocarbons (C8H16 – C15H30)  with chemical properties similar to diesel and gasoline. The oil produced is called pyrolytic oil with specific gravity about 0.82 – 0.87 and high calorific value.

 The oil produced is very useful as a fuel replacement of diesel / heavy oil in thermal units of factories. This pyrolytic oil can also be used by large oil refineries for blending it with diesel and petrol and used in automobile.

 The revenue generation in this business is from selling pyrolytic oil to different industrial customers by signing a bilateral FPA (Fuel Purchase Agreement). The prime expenditure of the generated revenue is buying raw material (segregated waste plastic) other expenses are on HR and Utilities.

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